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"Your mind is a factor of everything you do - it is your most precious asset!"
Is your child underachieving in school?

Won't listen or process information? Skips or messes up words when reading? Doesn't follow directions? Avoids sports or activities? Refuses or lies about doing homework? Is called shy, lazy, or even a "problem student"? Are you and your child constantly frustrated? The real problem may not be from a lack of proper teaching or motivation.
"What is my real problem, then?"

Your child lacks sufficient Cognitive Processing Skills. In other words, your child sees or hears information, but cannot identify, interpret, comprehend, remember, or stay on task.
Brain Works is your solution

Skilled professionals and a free personal Mind Mapping assessment will identify, treat, and help permanently build what is lacking in the mind of your child's entire learning and processing system. "Finally, real answers!"


Brain Works is everyone's solution!

Struggling at work? In dynamics at home? Even adults who use Brain Works discover a future they previously thought was impossible to obtain. The Brain Works Mind Mapping Program is an intense, proven training method that permanently strengthens underlying processing skills for real life application and is effective for struggling learners of any age at any school! Below is the experience of an actual satisfied customer.

"Our fourteen year marriage was a crisis! I was pulling my hair out wondering why my husband was so oblivious to how his poor decisions affected progress and success. Our life was like 'Groundhog Day' the movie. We had no future.

"Then I stumbled onto an ad for Brain Works. After only two weeks I saw my husband catch and then correct his own error, a simple thing I had never seen him do before! With us both sobbing, he explained, 'Until now, I lived every day intimidated, frustrated, and confused because no matter how hard I tried I always seemed to do things wrong or I failed. I felt trapped in an abyss of being constantly misunderstood and never understanding why. I couldn't see what others saw so easily! I daydreamed of impressing everyone or of pleasing my parents but I couldn't ever succeed. School only made the hurt worse by requiring me to do more things that I was just going to fail at! You couldn't pay me enough to go to college. Eventually I accepted I was inferior, and that was that. If my wife left me, what was one more failure?!'

"Now he has confidence! He joins in conversations with interest and understanding. He tells me almost daily how he accomplished something at work or how he helped someone understand something. I smile within and think how interesting it is that he doesn't realize he never told me of these things before. Amazingly, I'll notice him spontaneously apply principles or concepts that were taught to him long ago, as if the information had been in his mind the whole time and now he is finally able to process it. Truly remarkable!

"'Brain Works teaches a person to trust,' he randomly said one day. His perception is finally clear now, and he has no more 'need' to lie. He is a new man! Our marriage is going to be just fine now.

"You just wait for your miracle. In the last six months I witnessed the birth of mine."

- Monique P., wife of Matthew, age 35

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